bluePi is a small and youth challenge company that uses information and algorithms to drive everything for finding the best results. We operate platform solutions, data analytic, and marketing.

bluePi gathers thinkers and creators to continually develop our products and procedures for the utmost satisfaction of our customers or our product users. Each innovation is the result of these people’s inspiration and collaboration to create products of good quality. Here, we also learn from one another because we are certain that learning from the best things can occur from learning with the best people inside.

In bluePi, everything is a piece of cake!
No matter if someone says “This thing is hard”, here in bluePi, we would rather say “This is a challenge” that we must find a solution to and change this difficult thing to be an easy thing eventually.

  • Lifestyle Package

  • Unlimited Vacation leave

  • Flexible hours and Remote working

  • Free Lunch

  • Self-learning Package