About the Data Engineer position

We are looking for a talented senior and junior level in the IT/Programming field to be our Full-Time Data Engineer. Your main duty is to do all the data analysis working with a dynamic and international team to connect people with the product and service they love.

Data Engineer Responsibilities are:

  • Design, construct, install, test and maintain highly scalable data management systems

  • Ensure systems meet business requirements and industry practices

  • Build high-performance algorithms, prototypes, predictive models, and proof of concepts

  • Research opportunities for data acquisition and new uses for existing data

  • Develop data set processes for data modeling, mining, and production

  • Integrate new data management technologies and software engineering tools into existing structures

  • Create custom software components and analytics applications

  • Employ a variety of languages and tools to marry systems together

  • Install and update disaster recovery procedures

  • Recommend ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality

  • Collaborate with data architects, modelers, and IT team members on project goals

Data Engineer Qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineer, Computer Science or similar relevant field
  • Strong programming with Python and SQL skills
  • 2 years of experience building and optimizing ‘big data’ data pipelines, architectures, ETL processes, and data sets.
  • 2 years of experience performing root cause analysis on internal and external data and processes to answer specific business questions and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Strong analytic skills related to working with unstructured datasets.
  • A successful history of manipulating, processing, and extracting value from large disconnected datasets.
  • 2 years of experience with relational SQL and NoSQL databases, including Postgres and MongoDB.
  • Experience with big data tools: Spark, Kafka, AirFlow, etc.
  • Experience with cloud service providers: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, etc.