About the Team Lead position

We are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Software Engineer and IT management to join our team! As a Full-Time Software Engineering Manager at our company, you will be responsible for analyzing, planning, developing, implementing, testing, and maintaining various IT projects. You will have the chance to work on interesting projects and build your career.

Team Lead Responsibilities are:

  • Guide, coach, and motivate the team with the goal of increasing productivity

  • Manage agile product development process from the product management point of view

  • Develop and implement product strategies consistent with company vision

  • Passionate about Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking, Lean Startup, eXtreme Programming, SAFe, LeSS, etc.

  • Oversee and manage scope, timeline, quality, goals, and deliverables that support business goals

  • Lead the planning product release plans and set the expectation for delivery of new functionalities

  • Monitor schedule and cost performance

  • Identify key KPIs and OKRs

  • Perform full lifecycle software development

  • Test and evaluate the technical aspects of every decision

  • Review codes and assess code quality

Team Lead Qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Engineer, Computer Science or similar relevant field

  • 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer or similar role

  • 3 years of experience at a management level with the IT project

  • 5 years of experience with programming languages like Python, PHP, and JavaScript

  • 5 years of experience with secure web design is preferred

  • 5 years of experience with MVC and web-based development

  • 3 years of experience with microservice architecture

  • Experience with MVC, Restful API, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform

  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Great communication, interpersonal, presentation, and leadership skills

  • Team player and Attention to details

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills